Heinz P. Bloch

Technical Papers by Heinz P. Bloch

Mr. Bloch has written over 480 technical papers and articles on high speed machinery improvements.

This page contains some of Mr. Bloch's papers for easy reference. You can also read a series of quick information updates on mechanical engineering best practice, and review a list of editorial articles that Mr. Bloch has published in trade magazines and journals.

Here is a list of downloadable papers:

  • Pump Alignment Saves Power
  • Reliability Analysis of the LabTecta Bearing Protector
  • Better Pumps and How They Differ from Average Pumps
  • Better Oil Application Needed
  • Performance Benchmarking Update: Expectations and Reality
  • Eliminating Risky Trends in Reliability Management
  • Cost Optimization in Mechanical Seal Applications
  • War Stories for Operating Technicians and their Supervisors
  • Just What Does Make Your Machines More Reliable
  • Asset Optimization - How the Good Get Better & the Best Remain Champions
  • No Progress Without Training
  • Coping With Less-Than Perfect Specifications
  • Oil Mist Lubrication: Is it Justified and How Should it be Executed
  • Effective Maintenance: Preventitive or Predictive
  • Better Resource Utilisation --- How?
  • Stinger Rings Revisited
  • Don't Just Repair: UPGRADE!
  • Unreliability, Engineers and Lawyers
  • Language Lessons for Engineers
  • Selecting Modern Reverse Flow Filter-Specific Technology
  • Consider an Advanced Method of Steam Trap Condition Monitoring
  • Field Experience with Dual-Face Magnetic Bearing Housing Seals (Case Studies for Presentation at TAMU Pump 2005)
  • Centrifugal Pump Cooling and Lubricant Application: A "Best Technology" Update
  • Understanding Beta Ratio and Beta Efficiency
  • Consider Pregrouted Pump Baseplates and new Grout Systems

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