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About Heinz P. Bloch

Heinz Bloch is one of the world's most recognized experts in machine reliability.

Born and raised in Germany, Mr. Bloch later moved to America, where he attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology, earning both B.S and M.S degrees (cum laude) in the field Mechanical Engineering. Since then, Mr. Bloch served for 24 straight years as a machinery specialist for Exxon, before embarking on a new career as an expert consultant, author and speaker; during which time he has been highly influential.

Mr. Bloch has been recognized for many professional accomplishments. He was elected to three National Honour Societies, has served as a founding member of the board of the Texas A&M University's International Pump Users' Symposium, and is a Life Fellow of the ASME; in addition to having maintained his registration as a Professional Engineer in both New Jersey and Texas for several straight decades.

Throughout his career, Mr. Bloch has been granted 7 patents dealing with high speed machinery improvements. He has written 18 books on practical machinery management topics and oil mist lubrication, published by major engineering publishers. These books have been received with consistent praise from academics and engineers alike, and have been used for lectures and consulting assignments worldwide.

Mr. Bloch is a frequent contributor/speaker at important machine reliability conferences, often in the role of keynote speaker, and in 1990 he became the originator and editor of Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine's monthly "HP in Reliability" column.

As a consultant, Mr. Bloch is world-renowned and value-adding. He can be contacted at the email address listed below.


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